Saturday 4:30 - 5:00 pm or by appointment.
(Located in the sacristy at the front of the Church. Please look for the signs to direct you.)

Parents wishing to baptize their children need to attend an informational meeting with Fr. Jenkins prior to scheduling baptism. These sessions are held on the 1st Saturday of each month at 10:00 a.m. Please contact the rectory at 301-249-2266 to register.


Couples wishing to receive the sacrament of marriage at Holy Family should contact the rectory at least six months in advance. A short preparatory meeting will be held between the pastor and the couple, and the couple should also plan on attending an Engaged Encounter.


First Communion & Confirmation

It is Archdiocesan Policy that students receive sacraments at their home parish. Preparation (catechesis) for their reception of these sacraments is also received at their home parish. Students attending Catholic School or who are home schooled should make arrangements to participate with our parish program for this preparation. Primarily, this affects those students in grades 2, 7, and 8.

Parents are required to attend preparation meetings for children receiving sacraments. Review the Religious Education Handbook for time and place of meetings.

Children will need to attend classes once a month (see schedule) in preparation for receiving First Communion and Confirmation. These classes will focus on knowledge of the sacraments, exploration and investigation of the specific sacrament and foster a sense of community.

Children who are out of Sequence

For children who did not receive sacraments at the usual age, classes are available to help prepare them to receive the needed sacraments. These classes are held in conjunction with the child's appropriate class. For example: a 4th grade child who needs to be baptized will attend a 4th grade class on Sunday and a Sacramental Preparation class on Monday evening. 

Each case is different and we try to best meet the needs of each child, but please keep in mind that this process can not and will not be rushed

For additional information, vist our Religious Education link or contact the Religious Education Office at 301.249.1167.

For persons with disabilities:

By right of baptism, all Catholics should receive the benefit of the appropriate sacraments. The Archdiocese of Washington offers families and persons with special needs the opportunity to receive these sacraments through the Department of Special Needs Ministries and the Office of Religious Education.


Annointing of the Sick

Annointing of the sick is intended for persons suffering from a serious illness and should provide a source of comfort. It is not necessary to be in danger of death to receive this sacrament. Contact the rectory at 301.249.2266 to arrange a time.


Questions or concerns? Contact us via email or the parish office at 301.249.2266